Basic setup

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All the following canges are carried out in the Tempus Serva designer

  1. Upload you logo file via Ressources > Media files
    • Show the logo after upload
    • Copy the URL of image
  2. Add to stylesheet via Ressources > Stylesheet
 .logo {
   background: url( no-repeat !important;

Company colors

Edit the stylesheet via Ressources > Stylesheet

  • themePrimary
  • themeSecondary
  • themeTeritary (optionally)

Next edit the graph colors in Modules > Configurations

  • diagramColor
  • diagramColorTextAxis (optionally)

Setting up outbound emails

In the designer edit the following Modules > Configurations

  • smtpServer
  • smtpUsername
  • smtpPassword
  • smtpTestEmail