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Naming standards

Package / naming placement

  • Package name all lowercase
  • General platform entities
    • Servlets: com.tsnocode.server.servlet
    • Filters: com.tsnocode.server.filter
    • Core: com.tsnocode.ui
    • Fields: com.tsnocode.ui.field.<group>
    • Views: com.tsnocode.ui.views.<type> (item,list,statistics,)
    • Codeunit: com.tsnocode.codeunit.common
  • Solution specific code
    • TS customer app:
      • com.tsnocode.solution.customer
    • Vendor app:

Class naming

Naming convention follows Java standard

  • Starting with uppercase
  • No special characters
  • Seperate words with uppercase

In addition the following are recommended

  • CodeunitPage post fix name "Page"
  • CodeunitService post fix name "Service"
  • Shared ressources include "Helper"

Table naming

System tables should follow this syntax

  • lowercase
  • no special characters

Reserved prefixes include

  • data_
  • _data_ (deleted tables)

Safety standards

  • Input sanitization used in SQL, using either
    • Escape all string parameters using DbConnection.EscapeSQL
    • Prepared statements
  • All Page codeunits should contain some user group restrictions, and set to be default off

Review standards

The following changes requires a formal code review

  • Changes to the API
  • Changes to common objects
    • Command
    • Security
    • Controller
    • DbConnection
  • Creation of OR changes to
    • Servlets
    • CodeunitPagePublic
    • Code containing SQL