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Data handling

Storage and backup

You can choose between

  • On premisis (customer location)
  • Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting will be handled on Amazon Web Services Europe (AWS) datacenters in either Ireland or Sweden.

Backup is done to segregated triple redundant storage

  • Nightly for 2 months
  • Monthly for 2 years

Access and ownership

Data in the systems belongs to exclusively to the customer.

TS support will in some cases need to access data under non-disclosure obligations.

GDPR compliance and retention

The platform contains everything needed for GDPR compliance in your systems.

Using workflow automation automatic deletion or anonymization can be set up: This should be configured in accordance with your data retention and privacy policy.

A data processing agreement will be issued to your organization automatically.



Authentication is based on username/password.

Optionally 2-factor authentication can be set up using af mix of

  • SMS sent to phone
  • IP address of callers

Single sign on (option)

Single sign on integration is included for

  • ADFS
  • LDAP (and AD)
  • Google, Azure, Facebook, LinkedIn

A group membership synchronization exists for

  • ADFS
  • LDAP

Anonoumous users (option)

External users can access data via the following methods

  • Create new records: Public link
    • Services can be protected by a CAPTCHA test
  • Edit existing records: Specific link sent to user
    • Links can expire after certain amount of time


User permissions are granted via inheritable group membership

Authorization schemes

  • Field level control
  • State model
  • Data ownership

Additionally special roles can be assigned

  • Administrator (backend)
  • Bulk operations


Transport encryption is based on SSL via HTTPS policies

  • Cloud hosting includes option for free SSL certificates

Storage encryption is best handled via operating system measures

  • Linux: LUKS
  • Windows: Bitlocker

Passwords are hashed using BCrypt algorithm.


Platform complies with all requirements in OWASP level 2

  • Hacking: SQL injection, XSS, CSRF
  • Password policies



Frontend can run multiple languages simultaneously.

  • Preconfigured languages
    • English
    • Danish
  • Other languages can be setup in the backend

Backend language is English


User clients

A modern browser is needed

  • Chrome
  • Mozilla firefox
  • Microsoft edge

To use certain features an office suite will be needed (any version later than 2010)

Servers (option)

Cloud hosting servers will not require any additional software

On premises installations will need

  • Java 7+
  • MySQL 5+
  • Servlet engine

Technical skills

Normal user

Users will need no special training for basic usage.

Some users may require ½ day training, for learning advanced features such as:

  • Reporting and personal views
  • Bulk data handling (import/export)

Developer (option)

This role is optional for customers wanted to develop applications inhouse.

In order to build and maintain applications 1 day of training is needed.

Administrators (option)

This role is optional for customers using on premisis hosting.

Perfom platform maintenance upgrade requires very little skill, as the software is self-upgrading

  1. Stop service
  2. Copy archieve
  3. Start service


Normal users

Only active users are paid for, down to a minimum of 5.

A service can be configured in order to automatically deactivate inactive users.

Anonoumous users

Anonymous users are paid for per active interface (access to a solution):

  • All users using a specific interface is counted as a single user license (1 SUL).
  • Solutions can support multiple anonymous users via multiple interfaces

Light users

Some users will only cost a fraction of a normal user license (1/4 SUL)

  • Only read access
  • Infrequent users
  • Simple solutions