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General setup

Follow the steps in Basic setup

Displaying vacancy list in CMS

The following describes how to inject the list of vacancies created in TalentPiper directly into a web page.

This helps:

  • Reuse styling/layout from standard pages
  • Content is indexed properly with search engines

Integrating with WordPress using PHP

From the control panel of your WordPress site do the following to integrate the vacancy list from TalentPiper:

  1. Install and activate the plugin "Insert PHP Code Snippet"
  2. Add a new PHP code snippet as seen below
  3. Create a new page and add the snippet

Code example:

   echo file_get_contents("https://talentpiper.com/demo/mainpublic?command=dk.p2e.blanket.codeunit.common.PagePublicRecordsListAndShow&AjaxMode=1");

This approach is sightly faster than JQuery (below) and is idexable by search engines.

Integrating with any CMS using JQuery

In the CMS system insert the following code the place where you want to display the list.

<div id='tsContent'>Indhold hentes

    url: 'https://talentpiper.com/demo/mainpublic?command=dk.p2e.blanket.codeunit.common.PagePublicRecordsListAndShow', 
    success: function(data) { jQuery('#tsContent').html(data); } 

Add links to add user to candiate database

Anywhere in a webpage you can add a link to the candidate interface


Example of HTML for a popup window

  <a target='_blank' href=' https://talentpiper.com/demo/webinterface?nykandidat'>add me to candidate database</a>

You might consider locking the user for a generic placeholder job

  <a target='_blank' href=' https://talentpiper.com/demo/webinterface?nykandidat&DATA_STILLING_NEW=15788'>add me to candidate database</a>